On this landing page you will learn everything about GetMyAds and how you can make money on the Internet. We will also tell you about our experience with GetMyAds.

With GetMyAds you can build your own online business.


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What is GetMyAds?

GetMyAds is an international advertising network with a PayBack program, which is officially advertised with a 1% sales share. GetMyAds, also known as GMA, is a pioneer for innovative solutions. The integrated PayBack program shares the success of the entire network with all active customers and affiliate partners. The parent company was founded in 2011. GMA is expanding internationally and is supported by numerous well-known companies.

Through the online advertising agency GetMyAds, companies and self-employed persons as well as private individuals can, for private or business purposes, apply their internet advertising in a cost-effective manner to earn more money on the Internet. If you do not have anything to advertise for yourself, simply use an affiliate program of an online shop to send the traffic that you can book at GetMyAds to generate sales in the best case. Or you can simply apply the landing page prepared by GetMyAds to build up your own Team at GetMyAds. GetMyAds team building is not necessary, but you can earn additional money.

GetMyAds Zahlen im Überblick
GetMyAds Numbers in the overview

With more than 100,000 active customers and affiliate partners, GMA is one of the fastest growing traffic networks. Companies and advertisers can book advertising here with just a few clicks. Since GMA operates more than 2400 websites on social networks, online blogs, information and entertainment websites with a reach of several million visitors, customers can count on the first revenue after an hour. So you will earn money immediately after buying your first token.




Login to GetMyAds

Registration is very simple, free and non-binding, and you will be able to earn money instantly on the Internet. Click on one of the many „free sign up“ buttons on this page. The registration form will open. Please note in the registration form, that my username „Sascha440“ appears in the field „Sponsor“. Please enter your personal data correctly, accept the general terms and conditions and create your account. You can then log in directly into your backoffice, the so-called „Dashboard“. In the dashboard you can get a first impression of GMA and get their own GetMyAds experience.

So sieht die GetMyAds Startseite aus.
GetMyAds Start Page


So sieht das GetMyAds Formular aus.
GetMyAds Registration form




The Token and the deposit options

The tokens are 50 dollars each and you can own up to 1000 pieces. Each Token takes 600 days on the PayBack program. Currently, the daily revenue share per token is 1%, equivalent to $ 0.50 per day, per token. The more tokens you own, the more money you can earn with GetMyAds. For each token you get, for example, 200 clicks or 2000 bannerviews. Other offers are seasonal and / or depending on the country.

Perhaps you think now, „Why should I spend for example 200 clicks or 2000 bannerviews 50 dollars?“ The whole has equal advantages:

  1. The generated traffic is the right target group, ie real people, who are actually interested in the business area of your company.
  2. Through this effective advertising, you may be able to attract new customers for your business, which will provide you with a multiple of the cost of the token in the future.
  3. At the same time, your internet presence increases with this additional traffic in the ranking of all search engines. So your homepage may soon be at number 1 and get more traffic from potential customers, so you earn more money on the Internet.
  4. If you do not have your own website and you can not apply, you can also apply for your affiliate link from GMA and build a team at GMA. The more people in your team, the more money you will earn on the Internet.The following deposit options are available at GMA:


GetMyAds bietet diese Einzahlungsmöglichkeiten an.
Payment options at GetMyAds




The token purchase

After successful registration, you can purchase your first tokens under the menu item „Purchase tokens / advertising packages“. The dashboard is very clear and you can get your own GetMyAds experience immediately after registration. If you bought your token, you will earn money right away.

  1. Select the number of tokens you want to buy (eg 30 tokens) and click the green „Buy“ button.
  2. In the next window you will see the total price of your tokens in dollars and euros. Select the desired payment method and follow the instructions.
  3. We recommend that you use the direct transfer method as a payment method. The purchased tokens will be instantly unlocked in the Dashboard and will also immediately participate in the PayBack program, you will earn money immediately with GMA.
  4. Activate the token immediately after purchase. Our GetMyAds experience says that you will get the best PayBack bonus.
Hier sehen Sie wie man bei GetMyAds Token kaufen kann.
Buy Token at GMA




Activate token and book advertising

You may request GMA to promote any kind of website, excluding pornographic sites and sites that violate applicable law. If you do not have a website yourself, you can apply your GMA affiliate link or an affiliate link from another online store to generate additional sales.

Each advertising booking is booked manually by GMA and, according to our GetMyAds experience, can be released within 1 to 3 days if they correspond to the guidelines. If you apply for the GetMyAds affiliate link, this does not require an activation. The desired order will be executed within one week after successful unblocking.

The booked traffic is targeted traffic, that is, all visitors who arrive at your advertised website through GetMyAds are actually interested in the selected category and ultimately also for your website or your company.

First step:

To enable a token, click My Token on the left side of the menu. As you see, you will get a list of all your purchased tokens. If you have enabled the token and it has been released, it will be marked with a green arrow and z.b. 61 Clicks, this means they have already received 61/200 clicks for your website. If the token is marked with a green checkmark and 200 Clicks / 2000 Views, this means that the desired order has been successfully executed.


Das Bild beschreibt wie man bei GetMyAds einen Token aktiviert.

Second step:

On this page you can select the desired product, either 200 Clicks or 2000 Bannerviews. Depending on what you want to book for your website. The other 3 products are seasonal and / or depending on the country.

Diese Seite zeigt Ihnen welche Produkte es bei GetMyAds gibt.

Third step:

Here you enter your website which you want to apply and select the appropriate category from the list. Likewise, you must select the appropriate language in the list so that the traffic is displayed in the correct country. In the last field, enter the number of tokens you want to activate for this site, and click Confirm. If you want to activate all your tokens for this website, click on the blue „Activate all Tokens“ field.

Token aktivieren bei GetMyAds. Hier können Sie Ihre gewünschte Website und die passende Kategorie eingeben.




The Affiliate-Program

After successful registration with GetMyAds, you can recommend GMA to other private individuals or companies. You as affiliate (referrer), get affiliate commissions on all token purchases, which are the recommended customers in your team. According to our GetMyAds experience, you get 12% commission ($ 6 per token) for each sold token in your downline and that for a lifetime. The affiliate program at GMA goes into two levels, which means you get 12% commission from your customers (1st level) that bring you to GetMyAds and 12% Provsion from their clients (2nd level).

With GMA, however, according to our GetMyAds experience there is also a 3rd and 4th level. Of all 3rd and 4th level customers who buy a token, you get $ 1 commission per token. This commission is referred to as a „Mentor Bonus“ and is also visible in the Dashboard.

Die ist das Affiliate-Programm von GetMyAds.
GetMyAds Affiliate-Program




Own rank and team rank

At GetMyAds, there are two career leaders, one’s own career ladder and one team leader. Your own rank is determined by the number of tokens you own. The team rank is determined by the number of tokens your team has bought, ie your entire downline. Here, according to our GetMyAds experience, all bought tokens from the 1st – 4th level are evaluated.

Dies ist der eigene Rang bei GetMyAds, also die eigene Karriereleiter.
Own rank at GMA
Die ist der Teamrang bei GetMyAds, also die Karriereleiter. Das Affiliate-Programm.
Team rank at GMA




How is GetMyAds funded?

Many people ask themselves how GetMyAds finances itself to pay the PayBack program and the affiliate commission in the long term?

GetMyAds works multinational and continues to expand. GMA uses huge advertising budgets to buy advertisements at well-known companies like Facebook, Bing, Youtube, Google, Yahoo, Veoh and numerous other companies (more than 75 traffic networks). Due to the extremely high advertising budget, the click-through prices are very low and the profit margins accordingly much higher than for private customers. The resulting huge traffic is used to generate affiliate commissions for over 200 successful affiliate products. At this point, this huge traffic network is used effectively. GetMyAds benefits from all this very strongly and can thus finance its own PayBack program and its own affiliate commissions for its customers and affiliates in the long term and stable and also always start new, low-priced advertising campaigns, which in turn bring sufficient external money into the company. As a result, the company is always financed effectively from external sales and is thus stable in the long term.




GetMyAds experiences

Here we would like to tell you about our collected GetMyAds experiences. We have checked and verified the PayBack bonus since registering with GMA. According to our GetMyAds experience, the PayBack bonus has never been below 1% revenue share per day. At least 1% revenue share per day was credited daily for each purchased token.

We started our GetMyAds business with 30 tokens. Whenever the PayBack bonus collected $ 50.00, we bought another token with this credit. According to our experience with GetMyAd, this is the best way to drive your own token growth as fast as possible.

GetMyAds Experience Day 20:

Unsere GetMyAds Erfahrung Tag 20. GetMyAds Nebenverdienst. Online Geld verdienen mit GetMyAds. GetMyAds Rechner.
GetMyAds Experience Day 20


GetMyAds Experience Day 40:

Unsere GetMyAds Erfahrung Tag 40. GetMyAds Nebenverdienst. Online Geld verdienen mit GetMyAds. GetMyAds Rechner.
GetMyAds Experience Day 40


GetMyAds Experience Day 70:

Unsere GetMyAds Erfahrung Tag 70. GetMyAds Nebenverdienst. Online Geld verdienen mit GetMyAds. GetMyAds Rechner.
GetMyAds Experience Day 70


GetMyAds Experience Day 90:

Unsere GetMyAds Erfahrung Tag 90. GetMyAds Nebenverdienst. Online Geld verdienen mit GetMyAds. GetMyAds Rechner.
GetMyAds Experience Tag 90



Our GetMyAds experience is extremely positive and we see GMA as a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to make money on the Internet. Whether you want to run GetMyAds as a side job or a full-time job. If you want to make money online successfully, start your GetMyAds business now.

The comprehensibility and operation of the GMA homepage is very simple and clear. Once you’ve registered on GMA, you’ll understand the dashboard and its features very quickly, and you can get your own GetMyAds experience.

With GetMyAds Support, we have also gained very good experience. Support will respond within a few days. Please send only one ticket for each question, you will get a response from GMA Support.